Application performance management

Troubleshoot and monitor your code for greater efficiency, quicker releases and more satisfied customers. APM leverages the powerful data analysis platform in Elasticsearch to provide you with deep insights into your application’s operations and diagnose errors without waiting for a user to report them.

Easy as Pie

Easily instrumentize your applications with 4 lines of code. We support all major programming languages such as; Java, Go, Node.js, Python, Ruby, .NET, and Real User Monitoring (JavaScript). When setup you can see your application diagnosis at a glance.

APM lets you combine key metrics from apps with supporting services, datastores, and hosts, and optimize performance holistically in your operating environment. APM capabilities supports DevOps teams to collaborate, share, and work together to solve problems.

Application performance management

One tool to rule them all

We all know every deployment environment can be different. With APM easily compare the performance of different deployments, no matter where they are deployed. Find the root cause of performance bottlenecks with the Transactions view. Walk through a request from start to finish and zone in on the problem. Collect context and diagnostic information you need to fix your database performance issues such as response times for incoming requests and throughput, database queries, calls to caches, external requests.

Seeing is believing

Visualize your stack like never before with service maps or multiple dashboards with a simple drag-drop interface, with any data you want – no coding needed.

See how your application is currently built to easily identify possible improvements. View how dependencies, modules, message queues, databases and your code all interact.

Enable alerts or custom policies to set up your own warning and critical thresholds staying on top of finding and resolving problems quickly.

Search for anything

At the core of APM is Elasticsearch, which means you get unparalleled search capacities to search and drill down into stack trace data.

Elastic’s inherent analysis of text means you will find what you’re looking for easily, no need to dig out the exact function names or source filenames.

Elasticsearch is used to store APM performance metrics and make use of its aggregations and provide real-time analytics. 

Machine learning loves complexity

Nothing is too complicated. With Machine Learning (ML) models, even if your app is too complex to easily visualize, we can spot anomalies in the data and inform you about those outlier use cases that are causing problems, or specific code paths that are not performing well.

In addition, with combining built-in Elastic Security and ML detection capabilities, we can offer industry leading security detection by leveraging data collected from APM tracing, logs and metrics.

Elasticsearch Kibana SaaS for APM

Any time, anywhere!

Continually monitor your apps in all production environments, including microservices, container clusters, or application integrations, and gain valuable insights to tune up your software and get alerted if problems occur.

Use Real User Monitoring (RUM) to capture user interaction with clients such as web browsers. RUM monitors the real user experience and interaction within your client-side application in a framework-agnostic way.

Or perhaps you would like to utilize OpenTelemetry or OpenTracing features? Ask for more about APM from our Elastic Engineers!

APM as SaaS

Sofecta as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers SaaS as a turn-key solution, including roll-out templates, product consultancy, security expertise, and maintenance. With SaaS we considerably save your time and costs in learning new technology, deploying it, keeping it maintained, updated, and hosted.

Get on board and take advantage of your Enterprise-level Elastic Stack features in days – we take care of engine and data ingest; you concentrate on analytics. The Elastic Stack as an 24/7 operated SaaS is available with full capabilities in audited, scalable and fault-tolerated environments. Ask for more from our sales!

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