Transforming Business Azure


By adopting infrastructure-as-code implementations right in the beginning of your delivery, the management of PaaS services, container orchestration, and infrastructure configuration become cost effective. Reduce the misutilization of expert staff  undertaking repetitive tasks by coding your infrastructure, built-in services, app instrumentation, and other aspects. Enable templated deployments and process automation. Frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone cloud environment building and management tasks have never been easier to execute.

Templated configuration 

No more worries about the complexities of ordering operations, creating resources or deploying infrastructure throughout the development lifecycle. The ARM template is a JSON file that defines configurations for your environment.

The template uses declarative syntax, which lets you put resources with a common lifecycle into a resource group that can be deployed or deleted in a single action. Templates make it possible to link resource dependencies, specify properties, and apply tags for management tasks. Just like application code, the infrastructure code will be stored and versioned in a source repository and integrated with CI/CD pipeline. 

Automated runbooks 

We design fine graded automations particularly focusing on your business assets in Azure. By creating an automation account and coding runbooks we make it easy to track changes, provide intelligent alerts, and run infrastructure and service updates. Within PaaS solutions we diagnose, schedule deployments and orchestrate critical updates in services within desired maintenance windows. 

Built-in automation supports the role-based access control (RBAC), thus multiple update requests can be fulfilled at enterprise scale – also by triggering automations from your own ITMS, DevOps, or monitoring systems. With automation you can focus on business growth and creativity rather than time consuming maintenance. 

Built-in monitoring 

To get holistic view into Azure services we collect telemetry from infrastructure, containers, storage, and databases for analysis by built-in monitoring services.

Proactive monitoring helps spot problems before they occur by triggering critical alerts and automation processes. Optimize the consumption of resources through rules. In PaaS, containers and Edge solutions we leverage Azure’s Application Performance Management (APM) service to monitor live applications by collecting key metrics and alerts, detecting performance anomalies, profile requests and usage, tracing diagnostic data, tracing code stack, tracing app performance and errors.

All analytics are integrated into the DevOps process making it quick to respond by feeding findings back into the development and maintenance teams. 


When automating deployment and operation processes, it is important to enforce organizational governance standards and to assess compliance at scale. We simplify this process by creating JSON format policy definitions that can be assigned to any scope of resources in Azure.

These templates perform automatic access control actions for user roles or groups, as well as log all user actions for audit purposes. Also, with a blueprinted approach, definitions are extensible and make sure that only approved changes are executable without breaking the  compliance rules of the defined artefacts. With coded policies and what-if-analysis we can bring flexibility for governance practices.  

Managed cloud infrastructure 

We offer wide range of cloud services through our CSP (Cloud Service Provider) model by enriching capabilities with automated operations for test, staging or production environments – natively from Azure Cloud. 

Our best-in-class experts build and deploy infrastructure, build CI/CD processes and procedures, build  repositories, advise on emerging threats, provide design updates, and provide ongoing serviceWe let you focus on building the things that really matter for your business! 

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