Azure IOT Solutions

Cloud intelligence on devices

In hybrid world we leverage the best of both on-premise and cloud solutions to deliver real value for your business. With the Azure IoT Hub and other PaaS solutions from the cloud, we can build containerized IoT Edge modules to run locally on any device. The cloud is then responsible for heavy workloads such as running big data analytics and data-driven machine learning processes, as well as keeping track of device twins, security and provisioning. IoT Edge provides you with framework for complex business logic on device level, as well as providing reliability and control at scale. 

Versatile solutions with IoT Edge 

Azure IoT Edge is fully managed service built on the Azure IoT Hub. With Edge architecture we make it possible to run the custom automation, control and monitoring processes of remote devices and machines on software containers within your local network.

You remain in full control over workloads and logic running in the cloud. By running processes locally, your devices spend less time communicating with the cloud, can react more quickly to local changes and even carry out possible preventative maintenance. Among countless other business benefits, we could mention; real-time quality management, detection and prevent of security threats, improved supply chain management, improved productivity, improved network security, improved application performance through lower latency. 

Reliability and independence offline 

We understand the life of an IOT device in an industrial context can be harsh. IoT Edge solutions operate reliably in remote locations and under difficult conditions where cloud connectivity is intermittent at best.

After a one-time sync between the Edge device and Azure IoT Hub the whole solution – the deployed logic modules, as well as any IoT devices connected to Edge – can operate in offline mode indefinitely.

While disconnected, e.g. telemetry bound upstream to IoT Hub is stored locally. Thus, with IoT Edge architecture we can locally save all data, manage the authentication of modules and connected child devices, and enable processes and communication of IoT devices without connection to the cloud. There is no need to limit your expectations for IoT scenarios in harsh conditions! 

Deploy your business logic onto Edge 

You describe what you want your device to achieve, we figure out the rest. IoT Edge serves as an exceptional platform for developing bespoke business logic applications. Deploy feature updates at scale, and connect modern CI/CD tools with IoT logic management. All high-level app logic can be coded as C#, C, Python, Java, or Node.js. 

The IoT Edge runtime provides the infrastructure to integrate and deploy the functionality of software modules onto IoT devices, using Linux or Windows containers. Our development team uses the latest Visual Studio tools and power of Azure DevOps templates to ensure rapid deployment of the debugged and containerized solutions onto Edge devices. 

Control your IoT solution costs  

The IoT Edge runtime is an open source solution and free. It manages software modules as well as communication with the cloud and other devices within the local network. In traditional IoT solutions the major infrastructure costs are incurred using cloud services, such as messaging via IoT Hub, data warehousing, Azure Stream Analytics or cloud-trained machine learning models.

With IoT Edge hybrid architecture only a small fraction of IoT edge data acquired is sent to the cloud for post-analytics. The hybrid model reduces the costs associated with transferring and storing all your device data in the cloudwhilst maintaining high data quality and process control. 

Managed IoT Service 

Worried about the complexities of running a highly available IOT container environment, to serve your IOT device modules?

With our SaaS IOT model to gather together and run all. Reap all the benefits of IOT Edge, without having to even worry about your local container runtime architecture. We will develop, configure and run your device module applications in a fully managed and fault tolerant environment, fully secured, isolated.  Less stress regarding logic application  and security updates, malfunctions, warranties or Azure infrastructure. 

The Service combines the best-in-class experts in emerging security threats, with seamless updates and market leading SLA. 

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