Security Information and Event Management

Transform your anomaly detection and threat hunting with intuitive Elastic Security SIEM solution and establish a holistic view to information across your environments. No matter whether you’re adopting Elastic SIEM within your SOC, augmenting an existing technology, or building a custom security application, Elastic’s technology gets you there!

It’s time to bring your IT-security to the 21st century

Elastic Security SIEM empowered with Sofecta SaaS increase your IT-team self-managed capability to resolve security issues. You can centralize logs and metrics from across your environment and collect hints of a threat at scale, including places you weren’t expecting.

Store petabytes of data and keep it searchable. Query structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, perform ad-hoc searches across your infrastructure and get results in seconds.

Our easy to learn and use SIEM make it possible to monitor and hunt with visualizations rendering the origin, extent, and timeline of an attack, as well as easily accelerate response with embedded case management and automated actions.

Eliminate blind spots

Elastic Security SIEM makes it simple to visualise, analyse and search the entirety of your data. It can natively ingest data from any application, cloud source, endpoint, network, you name it. Thanks to the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) all data can be further used in other applications or searches – no more limited visibility.

The ability to correlate events regardless of source allows you to see the full picture of how an attack has attempted to orchestrate itself, from the very first moment it entered your network.  Event correlation allows you to actively hunt for similar occurrences across all other endpoints, and stop them, even before they would be regarded as a threat. The only truly effective security platform is one which leaves no blind spots.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning helping you to detect and stop threats

Elastic Security SIEM can be implemented as both as environment-wide and/or endpoint-based protection. You can find the threats you expected — and the ones you didn’t. You can automate monitoring and exploring of your attack surface with Machine Learning in order to detect unusual events and anomalies. SIEM make it easy to reveal the root cause of an attack and the extent of a compromise. With SIEM we gather and store forensic evidence and contextual data.

Our solution comes with the latest ML technologies which are further developed by Elastic and the security community for continuous protection across the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Ask for more from our sales!

Minimize response time

Elastic SIEM comes with an intuitive UI that minimises the time necessary to train and learn how to use the system making it easy to switch even from a non-security background. Monitor and hunt with visualisations rendering the origin, extent and timeline of an attack. This helps your team to quickly gather and analyse all information for a rapid response and root-cause analysis.

Understanding the root cause is key to catching similar threats happening elsewhere in your infrastructure. Using the Alert Visualizer tool, see the full process linearage of what caused the alert. This allows you pinpoint to exact eventually triggered the alert. Advanced attacks can take weeks to materialize, to evade detection. Tracing an alert back to an initial event gives us the intelligence to implement an automated response much earlier than would have been possible.

Easy to visualise with intuitive drag-and-drop

Elastic Security uses Kibana Lens which enables you to quickly check MTTD/MTTR, ATT&CK coverage or any other need of your organisation. Discover new ways to combine data between SecOps, APM and Business Analytics/Intelligence.

Easy to use pre-built dashboards give you basic visibility into your systems, you can also easily make any number of additional dashboards with easy an easy to use wizard for collecting source data and smart suggestions for data visualisation.

Elastic Security Security Incident and Events Management Anomaly Detection

Take control of SIEM pricing with SaaS

Sofecta as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers SIEM as a turn-key solution, consisting of roll-out templates, product consultancy, security expertise, and maintenance as a SaaS. With SaaS we considerably save your time and costs in adopting security technology, deploying it, keeping it maintained, updated, and hosted.

Get on board and take advantage of your Enterprise-level Elastic Security features in days – we take care of data, security platform, detection technology, and alerts; you concentrate on handling found issues. The Elastic Security as an 24/7 operated SaaS is available with full capabilities in audited, scalable and fault-tolerated environments. Ask for more from our sales!

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