Transforming Business Azure

Business Migration to Cloud

Business process migration to Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) doesn’t need to be a costly investment, but it must be planned and delivered effectively. If the long-term benefits are already obvious to your business, the roll-out cost of the migration process depends on the modernization needs of your assets. This appraisal is often essential to properly understand the transformation options available in order to fully reap the benefits offered by cloud migrations. To perform cloud adoptions in alignment with best practices, or design and deliver a complex migration, Sofecta’s cloud experts will help you.

Lift & shift to PaaS 

Azure PaaS offers wide range of advantages like highly distributed, scalable always-on infrastructure and cost-effective application services, networking, identity management, development tools, database management, and analytics tools, among others. PaaS makes it easy to run and control your business operations in one place.

By transforming your current on-premise environment’s vital business processes, web-enabled internal apps, and databases into simplified and automated cloud resources, we guarantee you to save time and money in overall administration, updates, incident handling and security.

Lift & shift transform to cloud PaaS hosting is easy to roll-out and brings immediate savings in costs for your business. Ask for more details from our sales team!  

Combine PaaS and On-Premise

Sometimes it is well justified to keep, for example, sensitive data-processing and storage in the corporate data center but transform application elements into a public cloud. In this way applications that provide user and machine interfaces can leverage the latest web technologies, security, and rapid development cycles.

Sofecta can implement disparate hybrid environments for apps, data integrations, data storing, identity, resource management, automation, and security with proven architectures that follow best practices.

Is your strategy is to adopt multi cloud, keeping few services still on-premise? No problem, we can provision a multicloud approach in your Azure tenant and bring capabilities to significantly simplify multicloud management. Ask more about hybrid configuration from our experts! 

Refactor your apps to the cloud 

Sometimes prolonging an application lifecycle, increasing resilience, and avoiding the operational complexity requires rewriting application code for the cloud. Depending on your application code and configuration, the migration process might involve redesigning the application structure for it be run in the cloud. 

The benefits of leveraging PaaS or serverless architectures are obvious; reducing operational costs, shorten the development cycles allowing you to react to business changes, providing reliability, scalability, connectivity, security, among others. Cloud services are also future-proofing for your applications and processes allowing still a wide range of extensions. We help you with the refactoring process.

Sofecta flattens your learning curve regarding cloud technologies and provides migration to Azure services in the correct way. Ask more about app migration from our experts! 

Managed services for your PaaS 

We offer a full stack of expertise to build reliable migration paths to the cloud. Sofecta as an application expert and cloud service provider (CSP) takes care of your cloud tenant, including infrastructure, middleware, databases, analytics, dev tools, among others. 

Our service combines the best-in-class experts to build and deploy infrastructure, CI/CD, repositories, emerging threat detections, design updates, and provide ongoing serviceWe let you focus on building things that really matter for your business! 

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