Cyber Security Solutions

SaaS starting at 1500€*

SaaS starting at 2500€*

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Elastic Security Stack with easy set up, no maintenance burden, cost effective, any scale.

Global security strength to local clients

Take advantage of hundreds of built-in detection rules and anomaly jobs, analytics, updates, notifications, by Elastic Security team. Save your IT team constant burden of fitting rule upgrades to your SIEM or EDR solution.

Fully managed

Take advantage of full stack of Elastic Enterprise offering in Sofecta SaaS 24/7. Save your team for burden of infrastructure and cluster management, upgrading, patching, performance tuning, backup and restore, and resource scaling.

Secure on all

Gain the out-of-the-box industry standards for user access and rights management, data protection, auditing, availability, GDPR, and platform logical and physical security by choosing SaaS – no trade-off for your platform security configuration.

Top expertise for local clients

ELK Stack is interesting, but no time to get into it? No prob - we consult the tech stack & architecture, search, data ingest, and security matters, lower your learning curve, and provide your SaaS instance, or on-prem deployment, or a hybrid configuration as you wish.

A SaaS architecture that collects and analyses logs, metrics and security data up to

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Events per Second (EPS)
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Endpoints per Cluster​
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Built-in Detection Rules​

Are your systems running? Do you have full visibility into your logs? It is crucial for your business to have full visibility into your systems. Learn how our plug-and-play solution helps your business to have full transparency into your networks.

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Learn about our SIEM + EDR solutions to make your corporate life safer and more secure. Thanks to our partnership with Elastic we are able to provide world leading security solutions without breaking the bank.

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Need more people to help you run your day-to-day security operations or are you looking for a consultant to help you set-up your Cyber Security? We have the right solution at your fingertips, read more how we can help you with our dedicated SOC

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Cloud Consulting

A Service platform providing the industry most innovative cloud resources at any scale

Customers who already trust and love us

Benefits of migrating your business into the cloud

Scalable and secure

Scale data resources easily up or down, take advantage built-in high availability and redundancy at global scale. Protect your data, apps, hosts and networks with built-in security services.

Cost Effective

Leverage pay-as-you-go pricing to keep in IT budget, purchase only as much as you need. Save in infrastructure costs and reduce your maintenance burden for IT management.

Super productive

Take advantage of hundreds of out-of-the-box services making your business digitalization path effective, by with less code and customization, but controlling fully the system life-cycle

Hybrid capability

Create hybrid solutions by integrating your on-premise resources with cloud data storages, power of analytics, hybrid apps, and scale for workloads. Optimize your existing infrastructure, security, and compliance.

Transforming Business Azure

Migrate your legacy Apps into PaaS or containers, optimize infrastructure costs, leverage IT automation in DevOps and security

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Azure IOT Solutions

Leverage power of cloud in analytics, scale out your IoT logic and AI Apps into Edge, send workloads to devices at any scale

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Cloud Consulting

Let our experts support your pro’s in keeping your enterprise business Apps updated and secured

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