System uptime monitoring

Elastic Uptime helps you to understand uptime and response time characteristics for your services and applications. It can be deployed both inside and outside your organization’s network, so that you can analyze problems from multiple vantage points.

Is it on?

Infrastructure uptime monitors the uptimes of infrastructure, allowing you to take action before end-users are affected. With one small agent you will get uptime stats aggregated together on the Uptime dashboard. Check or get notified when your SSL or TLS certificates are expiring and keep your services available directly in the app.  

Is it up?

Monitor the response times of your websites, REST API services and other critical endpoints utilizing HTTP/S, TCP, and ICMP. Get reports over a time period of your choosing, or simply view aggregated statistics at a glance on the Uptime dashboard. When you need to go beyond the availability of a device, the TCP check inspects individual ports.

Is it notified?

With real time alerts you get notified immediately if critical endpoints are not responding or are not responding fast enough. Configure alerts based on your own defined parameters, create Uptime alerts in the moment with a rich flyout menu, and receive alerts optionally only once per hour or once a day. Or you can let the built-in machine learning models intelligently learn from the data and alert you when something appears anomalous.

Here, there or anywhere?

Monitor the uptime of your services from anywhere. You can get details of what response times your users experience. Just install the Hearbeat agent on a machine located near your customer base and see how it compares to other locations where you have Heartbeat installed. You can then take action based on the numbers you see. Ask for more from our Elastic Engineers!

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