Cloud Consulting

Technical Consultancy

When transforming your business to use modern scalable services, no doubt you need experts to help you design the service platform, data processing, integrations, and applications. Along with our expert understanding of the abstractive designs and architectures of Azure solutions, we can provide technical training and sparring sessions on different best practices, we do hands-on pre-studies, PoC’sand help you figure out the tricky integrations of legacy services and modern components.

Azure consultants at your service

We help you achieve a robust technical design and solution architecture for your business requirementsresulting in a successful implementation, and value to your business! 

Sometimes you just need an external best-in-class Azure expert to help you with the tasks in hand.

This is how we can help 

  • auditing technical designs, blueprints, chosen infrastructure configuration
  • providing advice on utilizing the  best practices for CI/CD and DevOps 
  • making migration roadmaps for migrating core architecture from on-premise to cloud 
  • designing cloud native software  
  • designing cloud native architecture 
  • help your team take the right steps toward Azure Kubernetes Service or Service Fabric 
  • designing and implementing event-driven integrations for your decoupled systems 
  • preparing technical pre-studies for your IoT / Edge solutions for brownfield case 
  • concept proving fresh technical ideas for your greenfield cases 

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