Exploring Metrics

The Metrics app enables you to monitor metrics for all your infrastructure to help identify problems in near real-time, in one place, and cross-sectionally. Run wild with dimensions, tags, cardinality, and fields. Explore time series data across petabyte-scale at the speed of Elasticsearch.

Near real-time view

Monitor your server metrics all together. With the help of the Metrics App you can view metrics for servers, containers, Kubernetes, app services, and so on.

Use the Metrics app to view metrics from your infrastructure and identify problems in real-time. You can also seamlessly drill down to the corresponding logs, application traces, or uptime information for a special component.

Realtime Metrics SaaS with Elasticsearch

Filter it

Filter the dashboard view by one of the key metric categories – CPU, memory, network IO, disk IO and countless other metrics made available by installed modules.

With Metrics you can also utilize alerting and take advantage of a powerful webhook output letting you tie into additional third-party systems that matter to your organization

Explore in any scale

With columnar stores, beyond the inverted index, you can analyze across petabyte-scale data at the speed of Elasticsearch.

Select the fields you would like to plot, slice and dice your data into sub-graphs, add optional filters, then enhance your visualizations in Time Series Visual Builder.

Or leverage built-in Machine Learning capabilities to automate anomaly detection at scale and across disparate data sources.

Plug and play

With more than 40 ready to use modules for many common server processes, you can enrich your metrics to get more insights out of your data.

Modules are included for everything from database engines to cloud providers to webservers and message queues, and many more besides. Ask for more from our Elastic Engineers!

Book your free demo with our colleagues from our customer success team to find out how much you can benefit from moving to the Sofecta Realtime Metrics today! 

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