Transforming Business Azure

Container Orchestration

A popular option to migrate legacy apps – or develop new ones – are microservices running as Containers on orchestration infrastructureWe leverage compute services provided by Azure to decrease the  complexity of app deployment, maintenance and monitoring, and to offer united DevOps practices in container orchestration. With Sofecta’s expertise and support, you will accelerate the development of your own SaaS services, streamline operational capability, deploy workloads at the Edge or hybrid mode, and achieve superior security in your environments.  

Fast track to container deployment 

When you require event-driven appsdata processing jobs, and fast deployment of container images, Azure Container Instances and Registry Services is a great solution.

Container instances provide an isolated resource for simple applications, task automation, build jobs, and together with the Container Registry makes it possible to build a fast iterative development pipeline from writing code, building, testing and deploying your application will enable a level of automation not before possible.

Also, Azure Container Instances provides a hosted node for scalable orchestration services like Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), through Virtual Kubelet ACI provider. Ask for more from our Experts!

Lift shift to App Services 

The easiest way to deploy current .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python etc. app or Docker container cloud native is to migrate their workloads to the cloud as App Services without redesigning the application or making code changes.

App Service provides infrastructure advantages such as security, load balancing, autoscaling, and automated management as well as DevOps integrations; GitHub, Docker Hub, staging environments, custom domains, and provisioning of TLS/SSL certificates.

In addition, we can integrate your App with on-premise or SaaS platforms by using built-in connectors and RESTful API. Ask more from our experts! 

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 

When you need full container orchestration, automated scaling and managed upgrades, Kubernetes unites with DevOps in a single platform. We can debug and test all the components of an application in AKS Dev Spaces with minimal dev machine setup, without replicating or mocking up dependencies.

To increase operational efficiency, we reduce complexity and overheads by AKS built-in automated provisioning, repair, monitoring, and scaling capabilities. For security of AKS, identities and access control rely on Azure AD, policies, encryption and automated threat detection. Ask more from our experts! 

Microservices hosted by Service Fabric 

We can provide highly reliable stateless and stateful applications composed of microservices or containers or mix them into same solution.

The key tool for the job is Azure Service Fabric that enables you to create cloud native services to perform near real-time data analysis, in-memory computation, parallel transactions, and event processing in your applications, and scale them automatically as needed.

Service Fabric consists of built-in workflows to provision, deploy, patch, and monitor applications reducing IT effort to keep Apps up and running, as well as controlling costs by increasing application density on the underlying infrastructure, either in Azure, or on-premise, or hybrid. Ask more from our experts! 

Managed service for your containers 

We offer a full stack of expertise to pull together all your software and services into reliable, highly available production AKS clusters

Sofecta’s service combines the best-in-class experts to build and deploy infrastructure, CI/CD, repositories, security, identity service integration, threat detection and mitigation, design updates, and ongoing serviceWe let you focus on building things that really matter for your business! 

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