Azure IOT Solutions

Azure Sphere solutions

Azure Sphere is a secure high-level application platform with built-in security features at both the software and hardware level. It comprises of the cloud based Azure Sphere security service, Microsoft provided specialized Linux based Sphere OS, and certified hardware. By leveraging Azure Sphere, we provide with our partners a ready-made framework for creating secure IoT solutions for both green and brown field scenarios, and for genuine global usage. 

No limits for IoT usage scenarios 

Azure Sphere platform works seamlessly with Azure IoT Hubs, which bundles the management of IoT devices and their custom software, configuration meta data, activities and telemetry to a core implementation of digital twin models, aka Industry 4.0. 

IoT Hub also provides secure device connectivity by leveraging encrypted and per device authenticated AMQP, MQTT and HTTP protocol gateways and queueing mechanisms.

Only imagination limits what use cases can be implemented onto top of Azure Sphere capabilities by leveraging common PaaS services such as Time Series Insights, containers, Logic Apps, Function Apps, API Management and Power Automate platform, as well as analytical services such as Azure Analysis Services, Azure data solutions, ML, Search services, Power BI. You already have the App logic you want to utilize? No problem, let’s use it with our IoT solution. 

The most advanced IoT security 

Azure Sphere OS integrates layered security to authenticate IoT device’s identity, ensuring the integrity and trust of the system software, and certifies that they are running a trusted code base. The OS creates a hardware root of trust, stores private keys, and executes cryptographic operations. 

Azure Sphere OS continuously monitors IoT hardware, such as memory, flash, and other shared resources, and exposes only a limited access to resources. Azure Sphere OS creates an authenticated IoT app environment to minimize security risks due to spoofing, malware, or denial of service attacks. All IoT activities can be audited and forwarded to SIEM system for further security management. 

State-of-the-art IoT devices for any scale 

In order to deliver our end-to-end IoT-solution capable of global delivery, exceptional level of service and maintenance, we encapsulated two key solutions. The specialized IoT hardware of our partner, that has built-in certified security technology to provide reliable connectivity, and continuously integrated feature updates for your Edge logic applications.   

Our IoT devices are equipped with multiple interfaces to assets, e.g. Ethernet, SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, ADC, PWM, Bluetooth, LoRa, as well as supporting many radio access technologies. For global deliveries we offer full eSIM capabilities for plug & play IoT devices anywhere. Our solution provides an automatic provisioning and onboarding mechanism for IoT devices within the management portal by QR Code, for instance. 

All-in-one managed IoT Service 

In addition to the ability to purchase IoT services and devices as owned assets, we also offer a leasing model to acquire your equipment, software and services you need. No stress about software and security updates, device malfunction, warranties or obsolete hardware. Our service combines the best-in-class experts for emerging security threats, platform and software updates, and provides ongoing servicing. 

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