Log management

In recent years modern IT environments have evolved into a hybrid world utilizing cloud-based containers, microservice design patterns, native cloud services, alongside local server architecture. When services becoming decentralized, a holistic visibility to service errors, issues, patching, performance, policy compliance, and security turns to a challenge; how to monitor terabytes of log & metric data from multiple systems in a cost-effective way?

Sofecta SaaS solves the lack of visibility through the Elastic Observability approach to logs, metrics and application performance monitoring.

Deploy the strength of Elasticsearch

Ingest data from your hosts, services, network and infrastructure such as Windows and Linux servers and workstations, Kubernetes, webservers, databases, network appliances, cloud platforms, and much more, by utilizing out-of-the-box log integrations.

Analyze a holistic view of your systems and view activity by host, pod, web service, for instance, in just a click. Live stream your logs and perform ad hoc exploration. Filter, pin, search, or highlight to find the information that you need.

Whatever you want to explore from your logs, our Elasticsearch service will index and analyze sources at any scale.

Elastic Logs Log Management SaaS

Data stream from diverse sources have never been easier

We enable your logs for fast centralized analysis, from almost any source, using Elastic Beats to ship logs to Elasticsearch.

For customized and enriched data processing, we use Filebeat modules to pre-process documents before indexing, or provide a dedicated data stream processing layer (Logstash) for ingesting, parsing, and transforming the most complex data.

We define a common set of document fields and centrally analyse data from your diverse sources by modelling uniform data according to the Elastic Common Schema (ECS). After that, all search, drill-down and pivoting, data visualization, machine learning-based anomaly detection, and alerting operations for your log data are ready for use.

All data is visible in real-time in the slice and dice- apps of Kibana.

Let Machine Learning help in anomaly detection

Don’t worry about prioritizing data types and sources, what logs should be ingested, fighting with performance issues, or re-architecting your data sources. Just ingest and index everything that’s important to you.

Too much log noise? No, let machine learning detect anomalies in your data, and alert you to only those cases that are important or noteworthy.

Elastic’s machine learning features extend the Elastic Stack to automatically model the behaviour of your Elasticsearch data and alert you on issues in real time.

Own your logs

You have full ownership of all your logs – including the logs from 3rd party vendors and suppliers.

Through our approach we can build a true multitenancy system where each supplier gets their own workspace with full access to their own logs for problem solving. But crucially you as a superuser get the same logs so you can quickly determine the true source of the problem.

All your data is stored in JSON documents making it easy to enrich, analyse, integrate to other tools, and make portable. An automated ticketing system makes alerting and problem solving a thing of the past, allowing you to focus on other things, knowing that you have everything under control.

Log Management as a Service

Sofecta as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers SaaS as a turn-key solution, including roll-out templates, product consultancy, security expertise, and maintenance. With SaaS we considerably save your time and costs in learning new technology, deploying it, keeping it maintained, updated, and hosted.

Get on board and take advantage of your Enterprise-level Elastic Stack features in days – we take care of engine and data ingest; you concentrate on analytics. The Elastic Stack as an 24/7 operated SaaS is available with full capabilities in audited, scalable and fault-tolerated environments. Ask for more from our sales!

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