Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

The threat landscape for endpoints has changed, meaning many attacks go easily unnoticed and undetected by traditional antivirus. Sofecta’s holistic security platform’s endpoint protection is able to detect all MITRE ATT&CK classifications of threat behaviour.

Unified protection by Endpoint Security

Whether you need protection at the endpoint and/or across your whole organisation, Elastic Endpoint Security (EDR) addresses your security needs quickly and at scale. Built with Elastic Endpoint Security, it is architected to make protection against modern attacks as easy to use as anti-virus.

It provides best-in-class prevention against malware threats and malicious actors, to streamline detection and response capabilities. It provides a tamper-proof method of collecting, enriching, and contextualizing endpoint event telemetry including process executions, domain lookups, TCP connection information, file access, network communication, and much more.

No need to hire a team of experts; EDR’s easy to learn user interface provides guidance on the alerts generated, and what to do next.


Elastic Security Endpoint Detection and Response as SaaS

Autonomous protection

We provide a single-agent EDR solution to complete on-line and off-line protection against exploits, phishing, malware, ransomware, fileless attacks, and goes beyond malware to detect and block attack techniques at the endpoint, with no dependency on cloud-services for effectiveness.

Elastic Endpoint Security combines multiple breakthrough innovations in a single, lightweight and tamper-resistant agent that can operate autonomously, and delivering the highest efficacy prevention, detection and response functionality spanning the entire MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix.

Configure agent profiles to match different endpoint categories. For instance reduce false alerts by configuring developer laptop monitoring differently to executive workstations.

Prevent exploits & macros before they run

Kernel Behavior Preventions operate in-line at the lowest level, using autonomous prevention to block techniques like vulnerability exploits, process injection, credential dumping, token theft, and more.

Capability prevents known and zero-day exploits with 99% efficacy. It stops exploits that alter the control flow of client applications before any adversary code can be executed. These capabilities operate in tandem to eliminate known and unknown initial access exploits from the adversary’s arsenal of effective tools.

As a result, a SOC team can freeze exploitation of vulnerabilities, malicious macros, and offer a comprehensive coverage of multiple attack vectors at once.

Elastic Security EDR with Sofecta SaaS process tree

Prevent fileless attacks before they run

The process injection prevention blocks malicious module loads, DLL injection, and shellcode injection to stop adversary evasion and fileless attacks.

These real-time protections cover the vast majority of attacks, and are combined with patent-pending, pushbutton analysis of all memory on a system to find already-present fileless attacks.

Kernel-level analysis, performed on every executing thread, stops fileless attacks before an adversary can gain a foothold in memory.

The capability addresses a challenge of protecting disconnected assets, like laptops in home-offices, with lightweight autonomous agent that provides protection for online and offline systems.

Block Ransomware & malware attacks

Every 13 seconds a company is subject to a ransomware attack. Prevent these and other malware attacks from ever being executed.

Through triage and correlation of alerts hunt for patterns of events that lead to malware being created on the file system.

Utilise machine learning models to identify previously unseen malware based on file hash analysis.

Malware and Ransomware protection is deployed by default with all Elastic Security EDR agent deployments, and continues to monitor and protect online and offline.

EDR models not only block more than 99% of malware and ransomware before it causes damage and disruption, but also detects and protects against malicious documents which are the initial vector of most targeted attacks. Ask for more from our sales!

Endpoint Detection & Response as a Service

Sofecta as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers SaaS as a turn-key solution, including roll-out templates, product consultancy, security expertise, and maintenance.

With SaaS we considerably save your time and costs in learning new EDR technology, deploying it, keeping it maintained, updated, and hosted. In addition of SaaS, we offer security experts helping you to detect and response on threats and vulnerabilities.

Get on board and protect your organization with Enterprise-level Elastic Security capabilities in days – we take care of data ingest, platform, detection rules, security expertise.

The Elastic security as an 24/7 operated SaaS is available with full capabilities in audited, scalable and fault-tolerated environments. Ask for more from our sales!

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