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Our website uses cookies for several reasons.

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. You can find out more information about cookies at

Below you will find a short explanation of:

the types of cookies the Sofecta website uses,

what their purpose is

if they process personal data

general indications of the retention of your data

The Sofecta Cookie banner

When you visit our web site you will find at the lowest part of your screen a bar providing you with information about the settings of cookies. Before entering the landing page this bar is visible and invites you to make a choice about what cookies you would like to accept on your browser or hard drive of your computer.

You have the possibility to accept all cookies that our website uses or to have a closer look at the type of cookies that are used and to set your personal preferences and save these in your dashboard. This way you decide what (personal) data you want us (and or other parties) to collect and process. The choice you make may have impact on the way we are able to provide you our website services and on the way you effectively navigate through our website. It is therefore important to understand what these cookies do before you make your choices.

In the cookie banner you can find all the information needed to help you. If you click on ‘settings’ you will find an overview of the categories of cookies and you are invited to either accept these cookies or decide not to activate them. If you click on the link ‘cookie statement’ you will enter this page that tells you everything about our cookies.

We are working on lists of all the individual cookies that are set per type of cookie. Under the future link ‘details’ you will find under each description of the category of cookies a detailed overview in a matrix of:

all the names of the individual cookies that are categorized for this type of cookies and the purpose for the personal data they collect

which types of personal data is collected by use of these cookies;

the categories of companies that we share this data with;

the retention of the personal data.

In general we divide the cookies in 4 types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Performance cookies
  • Advertisement cookies

Necessary cookies

These cookies are required to operate our website and cannot be turned off. This means these cookies are set as default. They include for example cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our website, enable you to set your privacy settings for cookies, make it possible to contact us through the website or to fill out forms. The cookies enable to collect data necessary for the operation of our website during your visit. They will expire after you left our website. They do not lead to storage of personal identifiable information.

Functional cookies

These cookies improve the functionality to the website for you. They make your visit effective and efficient. The information stored by setting these cookies is only related to the preferences you made regarding the visit of our website. Some of these cookies will be stored for a limited time. They do not lead to processing of personal data by us. They are set by Sofecta or our service provider(s).

Performance cookies

By setting performance cookies Sofecta is able to collect information about how you, as a visitor use our website. We learn how you navigate through our website and what is of interest to you. Which sites are popular, which pages you visit generate under what conditions error messages?  Information that is collected by setting these cookies is used for analytics and improvement of the effectiveness of website or to measure the effectiveness of campaigns launched by our website. These cookies may be set by Sofecta or service providers. Some of these cookies help collect information during the visit, others allow us to store data for a maximum of 2 years for analytic reasons.

Advertisement cookies

These cookies may be set by advertising partners. Currently the Sofecta website does not use these cookies. Nevertheless, we see it as appropriate to inform you about these types of cookies. They help to gather information about your interests by uniquely identifying your browser and/or device and follow it across different websites after you visited our website. These cookies help to collect data related to your website visits (also related to our website) like the number of visits, average time spend on the website and what pages you have been downloading with the purpose of displaying to you targeted ads that are relevant for you. They process personal information to offer services related to your interests. These cookies are set for some time.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use our website including details of the website where the visitor has come from and the total number of times a visitor has been to our website. These types of cookies are in fact performance cookies but might be used for advertisement purposes if privacy settings are not set. Read more about this type of cookies and their settings here:

Changes in this cookie statement

This cookie statement may be adjusted in the future due to changes in our website, changes in rules or regulations regarding cookies. Also, individual cookies that are used by our website might change over time without prior notice. We recommend you to regularly consult this statement to remain updated. At the top of this statement you will find the date of publication. If changes have been made to this statement, the date of change will be indicated as well. This way you are informed when changes have been made.

Browser settings

You have the possibility to deactivate cookies like third party cookies in your browser. Please be aware that if you de-activate cookies, this might have impact to the functionality of the website, the effectiveness of the way you navigate on the website and the way advertisements are tailored to your interests and might occur repeatedly.

De-activating cookies for internet explorer

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De-activating cookies for Chrome

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De-activating cookies for Edge

Contact with the Privacy Department

Questions, comments, and requests regarding to your privacy, privacy rights, this statement and our cookie banner can be addressed by email to or you can write to us at Sofecta Oy, Data Privacy Manager,

Fredrikinkatu 61 A, 00100, Helsinki, Finland.