Elastic APM – the key to effective DevOps

Software architecture has over recent years has changed quite dramatically. A piece of modern software is now the sum of many parts. The pieces of the puzzle may be many small and sometimes sporadically distributed processes. The driving force behind this change has been more efficient development. Faster and more granular development iterations, which means […]

A Sneak Peak at Elastic Security 7.11

With each new Elastic stack version over the last year has come a generous package of Elastic Security detection rules. This demonstrates Elastic’s commitment to continually add new protections to its Security platform, expanding its coverage of possible security compromises and threat behaviour. Elastic ensures this coverage by categorising its rules using the Mitre Att&ck […]

Is your IT infrastructure protected from COVID-19?

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Your business is under attack from COVID-19 in more ways than just a drop in customer activity. There has been a sharp rise in COVID-19 related Cyber Security risks and threats over recent weeks and months (and the worst is not yet over!). Cyber criminals have focused their malicious efforts on the uncertainties and worries […]

Holistic Visibility with Elasticsearch

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Let’s talk visibility for a moment.  Security visibility is a data-at-scale problem. Searching, analyzing, and processing across all your relevant data at speed is critical to the success of your team’s ability to stop threats at scale. Elastic Security can help you drive holistic visibility for your security team, and operationalize that visibility to solve SIEM use cases, […]