Elastic Security 7.9 adds anti-malware, prebuilt cloud protections, and more

Security teams frequently use Elastic Security to collect and analyze endpoint data, and the need to enhance visibility as the virtual workforce grows is making this use case even more common. The solution excels with use cases requiring data at scale — delivered in any format, at nearly any volume and velocity. Just deploy Beats across your endpoints, and voilà, you’re collecting far and wide.

This leads us to ask: if you’ve deployed an agent to collect endpoint data, why not use that same agent to prevent malware?

Elastic Security 7.9 delivers the first major milestone toward comprehensive endpoint security integrated directly into the Elastic Stack by introducing signatureless malware prevention and kernel-level data collection on the new Elastic Agent, our “one Beat to rule them all.” The Elastic Agent also brings together logging, metric collection, and more. These capabilities are available now in our free distribution tier, with additional endpoint protection features planned for later releases.

Elastic Security 7.9 has even more in store. With data, applications, and users quickly moving to the cloud, SecOps teams must still maintain visibility across their hybrid environment. To address this, 7.9 introduces new detections that enable SecOps to preserve situational awareness without hindering the speed or agility of IT and dev teams performing migration. Community-driven workflow refinements streamline prevention, detection, and response. And a trove of newly supported data sources equip practitioners to stop threats, wherever they’re revealed.

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